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How to effectively stop hair loss

A balding scalp, receding hair line, thinning hair, dull and lack-luster hair, itchy scalp, dandruff - these are all symptoms that you have a serious hair problem. Millions of individuals around the world suffer from these and other hair loss conditions, and they spend millions of pounds searching for the perfect hair loss cure.


The cost of hair loss

While there is a monetary cost associated with trying to reverse or stop hair loss, the real cost is even higher when one considers some of the non-monetary costs, including loss of self esteem, low morale, stress, social stigma, and loss of opportunities. It is these "hidden costs" that stifle the social, professional and economic growth of an individual.

In many cases, these hidden costs far outweigh the monetary costs that it would take to stop hair loss. In fact, having a bad head of hair can have a tremendous negative impact on the quality of life that a person lives. And once individuals realize that, they then tend to start their search for a solution in earnest.

A safe and effective choice

Generally speaking, to be acceptable, any hair loss cure must be in-expensive, should be proven to work, and should pose no health risk to the users. And TrichoZed has proved itself by beating out many other options to stop hair loss. An effective hair loss cure must not only be equally effective for men as well as women, but it should do more than simply stopping hair loss. It should help with re-growing lost hair too. And it should be able to do this quickly - not after many years of using the treatment. Extensive research has shown that the all-natural, herbal hair loss remedy TrichoZed has by far proven to be the most cost effective, safe and convenient solution for individuals wishing to stop hair loss. Not only has it proven to be a safe hair loss cure, by virtue of it not containing harmful chemicals, but it has been proven to actually stop hair loss in men and women, and even reverses hair loss by stimulating re-growth.

Using it the right way

For men and women looking to quickly stimulate a full head of hair, daily use of TrichoZed is important. Regular use is known to stop hair loss in seven days, with hair re-growth occurring in less than a month of using the treatment. This is an orally induced treatment. Taking a single capsule two times a day after meals is what delivers ideal results. Each bottle offers enough supply to last you a whole month.

Why Hair Loss Occurs in Men and Women?

The next time you brush your hair, tease it, style it or comb it, and don't be alarmed if you notice some of it fall off. The truth is that every day we - both men and women - lose anywhere between 50 to 100 strands of hair. It's the natural cycle of hair growth.

Read on to learn more about hair loss...

The root of the problem

Given the information above, it should not alarm you to lose hair in the "normal" volume. However, many men and women experience greater than normal hair loss, and this may happen suddenly, or it may be in continual/gradual progression. And the root cause of this is related to follicles which have a much shorter growth and resting phase than normal. Two common medically related or induced reasons for loss of hair include:

Hormonal changes: Interestingly, hormones play a major part in both the Growth Phase as well as the Shedding Phase of hair in men and women. The most common cause for this is attributed to the Androgen Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. When the Androgen receptors on follicles attract greater amounts of DHT than "normal", hair tends to thin or fall off.

Hormonal imbalances can be caused due to several factors, including trauma, stress or medication such as chemotherapy. Childbirth in women, as well as the use of some oral contraception pills may also trigger hair loss in women due to hormonal imbalance.

Drugs and Disease:Some illnesses, such as thyroid conditions (either hyperactive or underactive), flu or severe infections can bring about abnormal hair loss in both sexes. Fungal infection on the scalp can also bring about hair loss. In other cases, drug treatments to address these conditions might actually trigger hair loss, as will drugs used to treat cancer, depression and gout. Prescription drugs that are high in Vitamin A can also induce hair loss. Individuals low in iron, such as heavily menstruating women, may also notice more than normal shedding of hair.

Self-inflicted reasons

Often-times we can do damage to our hair by our own actions, either unintentionally or deliberately.

  • A condition known as Trichotillomania, which caused individuals (usually children, but some adults too!) to continually tug and pull their hair, can result in hair-loss. Often stress-related, this condition can lead to permanent hair-loss if not addressed quickly

  • The use of harsh chemicals in hair styling products can badly burn the scalp and cause permanent hair loss. Similar issues can be triggered by using high-heat generating tools on ones hair,like curling irons and hair dryers

  • Hair braiding or weaving, especially amongst men and women of African-American descent,can greatly stress the roots of the hair,leading to a hair-depleting condition called Traction Alopecia

  • Why spend thousands of pounds dealing with Hair Loss...

    ...when there is an AFFORDABLE and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE hair loss cure. TrichoZed!

    Men with a full head of healthy-looking hair, and women with luscious, long and shiny hair seem to attract success! Studies show that people who are bald, have thinning hair or who constantly have "bad hair days" because of scalp problems, are less likely to reach high places professionally, or be the life and soul of social events. And here's the reason why:
    • Premature hair loss causes extreme loss of confidence too!
    • It makes people feel less secure!
    • It makes men and women physically unattractive!
    It's no wonder that people are willing to spend thousands of pounds to find an answer to hair loss. But TrichoZed can stop hair loss in 7 days, and fosters re-growth within a month...and for much less! Beware of your choices! It's true that people have a number of choices when it comes to a hair loss cure. But are you really willing to go with an option that can cost a lot, yet might not deliver exactly what you want? Consider this:
    • A single session of laser treatment can set you back by thousands of pounds - and you need multiple sessions before you find that it doesn't work!
    • Expensive scalp therapy sessions to stop hair loss can permanently damage your scalp,leaving you forever unable to recover by using other alternative treatments!
    • So called "miracle grow" remedies contain harsh chemicals that cause serious side effects
    Opting for the wrong hair loss treatment can have serious long-term implications. By making the wrong choice, you risk losing your hair prematurely and permanently,or run the danger of serious side effects like low testosterone, itchy scalp, decline in libido, skin rash and many others. The answer - an all-Natural,all-Herbal cure Each TrichoZed capsule contains an all-natural, all-herbal formula whose ingredients have been used since historical times to treat scalp and hair conditions.The creation of decades of research and clinical trials, and supervised by highly experienced team of doctors,researchers and herbalists, TrichoZed has been proven to:
    • Stop hair loss in 7 days
    • Encourage hair re-growth within a month
    • Reverse the effects of thinning hair and receding hairlines
    • Quickly cure conditions like split-ends and dull hair
    • Improve blood flow to the scalp
    • Prevent greying and unhealthy-looking hair
    • Stimulate the scalp follicles
    • Fight conditions like itchy and dry scalp
    • Permanently eradicate dandruff
    Affordable, potent, highly effective, safe and free from side effects, TrichoZed is the only hair loss cure of its kind that not only prevents hair loss, but also acts as a complete hair and scalp care treatment. And best of all, it is equally effective for men and women of all ages. The choice is clear - TrichoZed! Unlike TrichoZed, which is a proven all-natural,all-herbal hair loss cure,all of the other options available today are either expensive unproven choices, or have been proven to deliver nothing but dangerous long-term side effects. In an environment like today, where a healthy head of hair actually defines who you are, the only choice to stop hair loss in 7 days, stimulate hair re-growth within a month, and reverse the effects of hair loss permanently is TrichoZed.

    The Pros of Trichozed

    • It is available online so there is no need to secure a prescription from the doctor.

    • TrichoZed works by preventing DHT from forming, thereby stopping hair follicles from shrinking. The onset of hair loss is triggered by shrinking hair follicles, which are a precursor for hair falling off the scalp.

    • It works very fast as hair loss stops within 7 days. Other products take effect after a month of use. TrichoZed works faster to treat your hair problems.

    • After hair loss is stopped, TrichoZed allows hair re-growth in just one month. And from then on, a healthy hair growth cycle begins. TrichoZed does not only prevent hair loss. It also helps hair re-grow.

    • TrichoZed enhances the supply of blood to the hair follicles.

    • You only have to take 1 capsule twice a day after meals to get the best results. Each bottle has a supply sufficient to last you for a whole month!

    Proper Trichozed Dosage

    Take 1 Capsule twice daily orally after meals. It's recommended that you take one capsule in the morning and one one before bed to ensure the correct Trichozed dosage is in your system for the full 24 hours. Follow the course in a disciplined manner to achieve strong and permanent results.

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